Trout Fishing In Scotland

Trout Fishing In Scotland

Article by Steve Walsh

Trout fishing as we know is one of the biggest out door hobbies in the world. Now one of the other better know places to fish for trout would be in Scotland. Yes we know that America has a lot of fishing spots and is big on trout fishing, but trout fishing in Scotland just has this relaxed feel about it.

One of the challenges that trout anglers like about trout fishing in Scotland, is that the river tide levels change frequently and never tend to stay the same and so you are constantly getting different fishing conditions each time you cast your line. This is one of the reasons many people go on trout fishing holidays in Scotland.

The common trout of Scotland is the brown trout, and is never easily caught, either in the rivers or fishing in the lochs.

If you are planning on visiting Scotland for a trout fishing holiday, try and stay outside built up areas and out in the countryside as you will have an easier choice finding one of many trout lochs available to fish in.

If you stick close to some main rivers, don, tweed, Clyde, you will find many trout lochs nearby these rivers and have a good quantity of trout, which does not mean though that you can just turn up and expect to catch quantities, you still will be put to the test by these fantastic fish.

Another good reason to go trout fishing in Scotland is that it does not cost much; it is very inexpensive to fish in Scotland due to the amount of rivers, streams that have trout.

With the amount of trout fishing taking place in Scotland, no wonder there is also a lot of business in trout fishing flies, they are absolutely beautiful to look at yet so simple.

Some of these flies go back centuries and have been slightly altered as time has gone, such as mallard and claret, grouse and green and teal and silver just to name a few of them.

If you are thinking of going to Scotland or you live in Scotland and want to take up trout fishing, go to a local trout fishery and have a look at some of the amazing yet simple flies on offer, as it does put a smile on your face fishing with a quality fly that also pulls in quality catches.

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