Building a Back Swing – Jeff Ritter – Golf Digest Clinic

Building a Back Swing – Jeff Ritter – Golf Digest Clinic

Jeff Ritter explains the key components to building the perfect backswing in this edition of the Golf Digest Clinic. To purchase entire hour long series visit

Quick way to strike the ball like the pro's

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  1. epicguoOct 16, 2011

    Are you the teacher of Rickie Fowler??

  2. merckensOct 16, 2011

    Hey Jeff. Love your videos. Quick question: if you are flexible enough to limit hip rotation to produce power, would you recommend that?

  3. jdogma2003Oct 16, 2011

    Thanks Jeff, used your other backswing video tips this weekend. I finally feel like I have a consistant golf swing throughout all my clubs. The ball is going farther and straighter than ever as well.

  4. XxtreborobertxXOct 16, 2011

    the best instructor on youtube. great attitude. i wish i could meet him in person. too bad i live too far away.

  5. radbccOct 16, 2011


  6. iGolftvOct 16, 2011

    @AcaiAdvantage Again perfect explanation…luv the terminology “Very little effort which equals high efficiency” this really is the key to great power/accuracy

    dm out

  7. AcaiAdvantageOct 16, 2011

    Nice tip Dave. Fellas, the biggest thing to gain from this vid is Dave’s tempo and control. Very little effort which equals high efficiancy and spot on contact. His practice swing with the leaf and the ball were identical. We all tend to overswing when we get over the ball which is why a 3/4, 75%, or 10 0’clock backswing will give you that Pro trajectory and impact. It is nice to be powerful but golf is about efficiancy and control. That is power of game, not swing.

  8. 16cameronpowerOct 16, 2011

    Thanks, ill definetly try and take more time in my practice swings now. I giess it makes alot more difference mantally than you think

  9. superscootkidOct 16, 2011

    first viewer