7 June 1902

7 June 1902

7 June 1902 NOTICE 

All volunteers or others trespassing on Gateside of Fulwoodhead land will be prosecuted. William Kerr.


Mr Gavin Houston, son of Mr Houston, Overton, Beith, sails today from Glasgow with the Allan Line on board SS Saradinian for Winnipeg, Manitoba. Mr Houston is the class of emigrant so much sought after in this province of Canada and with a little experience of the land and its people, will doubtless settle down and become a successful farmer as many Scottish settlers have within recent years.


The purchaser of Geilsland is Mr Warren, wine and spirit merchant, Glasgow, who is a brother of Mr Warren, of the firm Warren and Stewart, engineers, who have had control of the various local schemes in connection with water and drainage for a number of years back. 


The re-building of the property in Crummock Street which was acquired by Mr James Reid, slater, is about to begin. The new building will be a cottage with attics with pend at the north end and stable and stores behind. Mr Snodgrass has the digger and building work. Other works will be carried out by Mr Holmes, joiner, Mr Peat, plasterer and Mr Stevenson, plumber.


The news that the war in South Africa has at last been brought to an end by the surrender of the Boers was known in Beith on Monday morning when the early papers arrived. There was only a quiet elation observed at first, but towards mid-day the inhabitants became more demonstrative. Church bells were set aringing, flags were out and school children were dismissed for the afternoon and a number of apprentices took a half-day holiday. None of the men in the town refrained from work, although at Barrmill the villagers gave full vent to their joy by knocking off at the breakfast hour and compelling the master at Greenhills to set the scholars free. In the evening a few of the townsmen attended a cake and wine banquet in the Saracen’s Hotel in commemoration of the event. Mr John Hamilton, chairman of the Parish Council, presiding. Later on the Instrumental Band paraded the principal streets and afterwards played a selection of airs at the Strand. After dusk the sky was illumed by a succession of rockets from the church steeple.